Shangzhi Pearl Pencil Industry Co., Ltd is established in 1988 and is still developing and extending. We have successively established pencil slat factory, pencil factory, pencil lead factory and we improved the vertical production system successfully. Therefore we know more about every details of the process of making pencils and what kinds of pencil leads the pencil makers and customers need. After years of studying, we developed a series of unique patented equipment and figured out the perfect quality control system. We not only guarantee the quality occupies the first place in China but also sell the high quality of graphite pencil leads to European, America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa. We are highly praised by international famous pencil makers. 

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Wood-free full lead design, environmentally friendly and durable.Unique integrated molding process

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$0.65 - $1.08/gross
6000.0 gross(Min. Order)